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We Are Knit Together~ {A GIVEAWAY}

We have loved long these 17 years, through the wild and difficult transitions of moves and job changes and births and recoveries. We have said goodbye to friends and family a thousand times, and perhaps many thousands of times to each other, each morning, as we part ways, each of us to our work.Through the fires and desserts, through the replenishing rains and seasons of abundance of our years together, we have held each other close, and our God closer. We know what happens when He is no longer the tie that binds. We have watched marriages around us crumble to dust and scatter like chaff in the wind. We dare not ever imagine that we are any better, or any safer from such tragedy. We know each others humanness in every putrid shade and though some times we turn our backs to one another, there is a grace that whispers into the fighting moments that brings us back.

Always back to Him, to each other-

When you marry your very best friend in the entire world, there really is no sweeter thing. We have spun around through the countless days and minutes and been sick with dizziness over the frantic pace life seems to take on as we age, but we are always together. We are always side by side, hand in hand- His holy thread stitched clean through our hearts, a patchwork of grivances forgiven and gifts given out of sheer bliss.

We agree often that we are happier now than ever, our hearts bursting with so many good things, even as the juggle of it all feels impossible, but He is my Mr. and I remain his Mrs. and we count every single blessing of sharing this life together marking each one, a gift, because really, there is no gift like the joining of two hearts, two souls, to journey through this rocky life, arm in arm, one heart nestled smack in the middle of the other.

I have found the one my heart loves ~ Song Of Soloman 3:4

These precious mugs are part of DaySpring’s wonderful Mr. And Mrs. Collection.  Aren’t they so awesome?! Now that my husband has at long-last, swayed me into becoming a coffee drinker, I cannot wait to use these with Him as we share our morning caffeine drip. 😉

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To be consdiered for this {Giveaway} I want to hear your love story.

*Would you share in the comments how you met your spouse? I do love a good Love story! If you are single, I’d still love to hear from you, please, grab a coffee and  share some of your thoughts on Love.

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  1. Meridith Todd

    I met my husband at college – it was our first day of work sophomore year.  I was totally and completely distracted by someone else at the time, so I didn’t really pay much attention to D then.  We worked on the binder machine at the Print Shop, and he was boxing the stacks of books that day – I was on quality control checking that the books were being assembled correctly.  He tells me that he said hello to me, and I said it back, but as I said, I was interested in someone else at the time.  D ended up being on my shift all year – within a month, the “other guy” had broken my heart, and before Christmas, D and I had started hanging out some.  He fell in love with me long before I did him (a full two years), but by senior year, after many ups and downs (and ons/offs), we officially started dating.  We were engaged less than two months after I graduated in May ’02, and married just a week after he graduated in December of the same year. 🙂 

  2. I met my husband about 17 years ago.  He was working in the same office as my dad and sister.  He was interested in dating me before I was interested.  But then I came to my senses.  We became friends before we started dating and I can truly say I married my very best friend and he remains that to this day.  We are going to be celebrating 13 yrs next month. I love him so much

  3. Crystal Stine

    I love your photos – I can never get mine to do the products justice  (this isn’t a giveaway entry, just visiting from (in)courage .. I did a review as well!)

  4. Karen Logan

    Jonathan and I had our first date on the Spirit of Philadelphia, it was
    the college’s formal event and because of the school’s rules there was
    no dancing. We sneaked to the top of the boat, away from the school
    function and danced under the stars to our own music. Six months later,
    at the Bristol Waterfront in the middle
    of the night, Jonathan got on bended knee next to a lighted Christmas
    tree and asked me to be his wife. We danced in the middle of the street
    to our own music. We married in the home of my grandparents, the exact
    spot where my Papa got on his knee to propose to my Nana some sixty
    years earlier. Since it was a small family wedding, we didn’t have a DJ,
    so once again, we danced– to our own music. A couple years later, two
    kids and lots of learning and laughter, we are still dancing to our own beautiful music

    1. alwaysalleluia

      What a beautiful story, Karen. I love how sentimental it all is, and the connections of various generations woven into your own love story. Beautiful!

  5. I met my husband via Myspace! I was friends with his sister, and while he was deployed in Iraq, he saw my picture on her page and told her he thought I was cute. She got us talking and we fell in love before we ever met in person. A few months later, we finally had that first real meeting- him dressed in his Blues, looking oh so princely, presenting me with a rose and a pair of ‘glass’ slippers, because he knew Cinderella was my favorite! Over 5 years later and he’s still my prince!!


  6. Love all of this, and these words, especially, stay:  “because really, there is no gift like the joining of two hearts, two souls, to journey through this rocky life, arm in arm, one heart nestled smack in the middle of the other.”  So beautiful.  

    Thank you, Krissie!

  7. Beautiful post as always, Kris. “one heart nestled smack in the middle of the other.” love that!
    I met my hubby the very first day of college. and I knew. unfortunately, I couldn’t act on it as my new roommate had followed this boy to college to swoon him. . .what can I say. she had impeccable taste.
    We joke now that our story has the type of plot to make a wonderful romantic comedy 🙂

  8. I love the way you weaved this post together.  Beautiful!

    I met my husband while we were both serving in Youth Ministry.  Our Pastor’s wife set us up.  We dated for 3 months and got engaged, married 8 months later, and have been married 24 years this coming July!

    I am not eligible to win.  Just wanted to share!

  9. Ro elliott

    I was the first date my husband ever had…we have know each other since we were 14…He truly was Jesus with skin on it…He loved me to wholeness with his unconditional love for me…so patient…so kind…and such longsuffering love…we have been through much…but now married for 31 years…knowing each other 38 yrs…so sweet…like good wine…gets better with age…
    oh I don’t have FB or Tweet…kind of behind there….

  10. Suzanne Westenhofer

    My husband and I met during college, became friends, spent two years on separate sides of the world, and then fell in love when we were reunited at the start of my senior year of college. We have definitely had our ups and downs but it’s been a wonderful journey!


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