Prayer, Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings~

September 23, 2011

Praying that you let the Lord guide your wanderings this weekend, that you are open to His divine direction and shift in whatever plans you may have made for yourself, remembering that He knows the way that is best, and in following Him, you will live a life that is richly blessed.

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  • Anonymous

    great encouragement. . . and i have to say that i love the boots :-)
    thank God He knows the plans He has for us AND orders our steps.  what blessed relief to leave it all in His hands!
    have a blessed weekend, Kris!

  • Anonymous

    Steph- bless you, friend. Yes! I am so thankful that he knows the way and leads me to it. What a relief it is that I don’t have to make a way, I only need to follow Him… Oh and I LOVE my bots too! 😉

  • Christine- Fruit in Season

    Beautiful image and sentiment!  And I love your new look!  So clean and fresh!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. It is refreshing to me… I feel like I can breath when I look at it….