Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings

Some Good Reads around the Web:

“It’s really not as much about where you are or what you do, as it is about harnessing your heart and mind around the One chasing you with abandon all week” My friend Shelly is helping me discover what gift the Sabbath can be. Join us.

And this? This right here: “And because I know Who saved me, I know — for sure — that evangelical is not a dirty word, and I want to take it back.
The word doesn’t belong to the critics and the mockers; it belongs to the Good News People.”
Don’t miss this one, friends.

“My heart leapt at the generosity that comes easily to my kids and I thought of my word for the year. And how this unexpected moment was another opportunity to choose love, the real kind.” Kristen tells a powerful story about what Love sometimes looks like.

PS: I’m giving away another signed copy of my book. You can check that out HERE.

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  1. lbmoreland

    There are such faith filled, talented writers around the web. So generous of you to share links to others work. And , I can relate…yes, scrub it away Lord! To be considered as one worthy to be gifted with your book, that would be delightful.

  2. Elizabeth

    Hey sweet friend, I have missed you so. Just wanted to tell you that I am so excited…..cause I just downloaded your wonderful book on my Kindle. Canny wait to crack the spine on it and get into the devotions from your sweet self. I’ll be here more often I am sure telling you how much it has meant and to whom I have recommended it… Because I know that will be the case, Kris. Xox in Christ, e

    1. Elizabeth, how nice it is to see you here again. Thank you for stopping by to say hello and encourage me with your sweet words. I am so grateful for you and how you speak truth and kindness wherever you write. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book, and thank you for sharing it with others! That is a gift to me.


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