Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings


Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you. Psalm 116:7

All good things

An encouraging article about the work we do–and why we do it. “Not only are we workers made in the image of God (who can delight in our works), but God also makes it clear that he has some specific work for us to do. We’re God’s helpmates in the continuation of his creation. He invited mankind to collaborate with him in naming the animals (Gen. 2: 19-20), to be good stewards of the earth – fill it, subdue it, keep it (Gen. 2: 5-8, 15), to be toolmakers and users (Gen. 2:5, 15), to be producers to sustain ourselves (Gen. 1: 28-30, 2:9), and to be appreciators of beauty (Gen. 2:9).” … Stop Apologizing for Caring What You Do by Katherine Leary Alsdorf


An excellent article for parents on the necessity of saying “no”…”Who I am is a liar. By nature. A rebel, by nature. By nature, I’m a selfish usurper to heaven’s throne –like my fathers before me. Now, that’s not the end of the story. I’m more than that and less of that than ever, by Christ. I’m a beloved son in the Kingdom of Light where everything is Yes and Amen in Jesus.” …Saying No To Your Kids and Fighting the Dragon By S.D. Smith


My friend Michelle wrote a beautiful article this week about the transformative power of gratitude. “What I realized as I sat on the back patio on Saturday night is that I’ve finally reached the point where I can find contentment in the moment, in the now. Restless and agitated by nature, I’ve always felt a yearning for something … something else or something more or something different. Recently, though, in the last year or so, that restless yearning has dissipated, replaced by simple contentment and a better ability to appreciate the moment. This, I know, is a direct result of the practice of gratitude.” When You’re Looking For Your Place


 Sometimes, I think my friend Kimberly lives inside my head: “I confess I have this angry God image in my mind, in my heart. God seems to be watching me through narrowed eyes, waiting for me to mess up so he can pounce on me. God, in my knee-jerk reaction to myself and my sin, is like a cosmic Mrs. Moore, my sharp-tongued junior high clarinet teacher from whom I literally hid in fear, crouching behind the sheet music stacks in the store where she conducted her lessons so she would not see me and call me in to her little cell of a classroom.” …God Is Love


PS: I noticed that my book is still on sale on Amazon, if you haven’t grabbed the print version yet, this may be the perfect time–it’s not just for Lent 😉

Sharing this post in community with Deidra and Sandra


  1. Mia

    Dear Kris
    For much to long I saw God as an angry Father with fly swatter in His hand high up in heaven just waiting for me to do something wrong and then He would swat me from the face of the earth. But, He is so patient and loving and destroyed those lies the one after the other!!
    Just love your picture.
    Blessings from Sandy’s


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