Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings


Some Good Reads For Your Weekend:

“Just as we cannot live without water, we cannot do anything apart from Christ, including motherhood.” (Amen) Read the full article here: For The Mom Who’s Worn via Christina Fox.

“What I want to do when someone steps on my toes, is fire off a snarky status update or rant and rave about it to someone other than the person who pushed my button. But, the bible says the first step is to go to the person who offended me.” My friend Deidra Riggs shares some wisdom about conflict resolution. I consider this post a must read

This last week, some amazing bloggers spent time in Nicaragua, to help tell the stories of Compassion International and the impact this ministry has on poverty. Shaun Groves’ post, Bending For Treasure In The Trash, is an excellent read: “It’s not uncommon for the poor to stop counting the years when the years are so littered with hardship.” Finish this post here and perhaps Sponsor a Child? 

“Lord, give me the strength to go another round. Give me the strength to take the hits, and the endurance to stay in the fight. May I not get distracted or thrown off my game. And may the only thing that towel gets used for is for when You wipe the sweat off my brow before sending me back into the ring for the next round. Amen.” Dan King speaks encouragement and perseverance  whatever challenges we face. Read His article–it’s awesome. 

“I am standing in Africa and you can hear the whole North American Church, rising up, crying out: What if caring for the poor was more than just caring about easing our consciences? What if caring for the poor meant feeling sacrifice for the poor?  What if we weren’t really feeling care for the poor – until we were really feeling sacrifice for them?

North American Church, it is time: We are all done with no-risk, no-sacrifice, no-point lives.” Ann Voskamp writes bold words from the plains of Uganda. Read this post, and share it. 

This song has been in my head all week, it’s become my constant prayer.

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