Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings


Weekend Reads

  • “I think aspiration and consecration and illumination and whatever other -ations there are have a place. But far sweeter to my soul has been the occasional voice crying in the wilderness to look up and see Who approaches gently, riding on a donkey. Who comes in the magic of a sunset or in the passion of lovers on a glowing spring evening or in the way that summer rain gives new birth to weary green.” My friend Kelli Woodford speaks beautifully about faith and life. Finish this post HERE.
  • Do you know about the I Am Second movement? These video testimonies amaze me–every one of them. Here’s one for you this weekend. Hear Lecrae’s story.
  • Christa Wells is one of my favorite Christian recording artists. She is about to release a NEW album in August. Here is a free online play list you can listen to in the meantime.  Check out the song “Come Close Now”. (They are all amazing) Oh, and you can see Christa wells and Nicole Witt in April with a few of us at Refine {the retreat}. Check it out.
  • I’m learning to embrace the Sabbath as God  commands. it’s not been an easy transition but as I practice resting, I find the many benefits of letting life come to a near crawl for one day. Here are 5 More Ways God Wants You To Rest from the Compassion Blog.
  • Looking for some more Inspiration?–Follow my “Inspiration board” on Pinterest

Weekend Worship

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  1. Alison

    Hi Kris! I love the intensity in the little girl’s face! She is so focused! May we be equally focused on the One who is fully focused on us.

    I love and follow the “I Am Second” movement. The videos are so gripping! Some of the subjects have been through heart-wrenching life events that make their testimony so much more powerful. I’m a big Lecrae fan, so of course I enjoyed his video.

  2. Lisha Epperson

    Thanks for the link to LeCrae – will watch it with my tweens tomorrow. We’ve heard and dance to his music but never seen his testimony so beautifully presented. Loved this weekend sharing. Make your week amazing!


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