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What Real Freedom Looks Like

July 2, 2011


As we celebrate independence, and consider the cost for which we receive it, I pray that you and your family enjoy God’s goodness and grace to the fullest this Holiday weekend. Prayers on your behalf that you know true freedom that comes through Christ alone, by his shed blood on the cross and that his hand protects and guides you always. That by believing in Him, you find the grace to say Alleluia in all things, knowing that you are no longer in captivity to sin and death, but are living in ultimate freedom of the one who broke the chains. Hallelujah!

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*edited from the archives, thank you for grace~

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  • Rambling Heather

    I love the way you capture things! u00a0You have such talent with the camera. u00a0Beautiful!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Heather. I SO enjoy photography! So many hobbies, so little time…Blessings, sweet friend. ;)

  • Craig S.

    the flag is awesome, the Bible verse perfect, but my favorite, as always, is your words u2013 about the one who “broke the chains” u2013 enter freedom which is so wide, and vast, and yet constrained just the appropriate amount by a God who cares – I heart that u2013 I heart everything you write. God bless you Kris!

    • Anonymous

      Craig~ Your comment is both gernerous and kind.. The freedom that comes in Christ continually amazes me, I think, on this earth, we cannot even fully grasp the full scope of it.u00a0 The taste of freedom that we are blessed to expirienece as believers, I think, will be magnified and perfected in glory. It is nothing short ofu00a0increadible to me.u00a0 Bless you, brother.