What Every Day Needs (A Giveaway)

What Every Day Needs (A Giveaway)

Golden shafts of light slip quietly underneath the shade,  a halo of hope for the dawning day.

I’ve slept through the alarm for the last hour, completely missing my opportunity to spend time alone with God before the house wakes and rumbles with a steady thunder of activity for the next 10 hours.

Every morning I wake hungry, feeding myself with the Word, the only bread that sticks to me and gives me real strength for the day ahead.  I can’t afford to skip this meal, and here, I’ve slept straight through it.

A small one wanders in and climbs atop the bed, pushing herself between the warm covers and myself. Before long another child wanders in. I sigh as I reconcile the truth that any opportunity for a word with God alone, has been fully eclipsed by the steady rousing of bed-headed beauties making their way to my room.

But I still need to eat–and these little hearts in my care also need to be fed. We all need soul-nourishment to face this day.

Seeds Family Worship


Descending the stairs, I am thankful that now, we will eat together, these little sleepy faced people and I. I trade my alone time with Jesus, for a group session. This is no interruption, it is as it must be. We will feast on the Word by way of songs, worship, praise and likely, a bit of pajama-clad dancing.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Seeds family Worship at a writing conference. It was a fortunate win for me, collecting their entire musical library in one fell swoop. I could not get enough.

Seeds Family Worship is music-based ministry that creates modern, relevant word for word scripture songs for families.

We have feasted on the music produced by Seeds Family Worship, and used their songs  for scripture memorization, emotional encouragement, and soul-fortification. And dancing. Lots of dancing.

This overdue morning, we spread out between the kitchen and the living room, while the music plays. We relish the Word sung out over us. Our hearts awaken to grace, on this new day already tempered with regret and disappointment for how I’ve failed to keep to the schedule.

I’m believing that this Word fills and satisfies in a way nothing else does. I’m trusting that starting the day off with God’s word, whether read or heard, is the better way to rise to face whatever may come.

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. (Romans 10:17)

We hear the Word. And before long, we sing the Word. The Word fills us, and reverberates in us as the day edges towards evening.

This is what every day needs.

Here. see for yourself:

This is a song off of the latest Seeds Family Worship Album, The Word Of God

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Seeds Family Worship
(photo courtesy of

The folks at Seeds Family Worship are so committed to sharing the Word of God that every album purchase is a buy one, get one free. Every time you buy one of their albums, they send you 2 full CD’s, one for you to keep and one to share. 

Which brings me to this, I have one copy of their brand new album, The Word of God, up for grabs. I love all of their albums, but this one is rapidly becoming a new favorite around here. You will love this–

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  1. I have limited time, so I feast on the Word while I do a Revelation Wellness workout – Alissa preaches a good word while she makes me work hard and my mind is strictly focused on God – it’s the best of all worlds for me right now 🙂

  2. Kris, Seeds Family Worship came to our church a couple of years ago. I listened to their CD with Philippians 4:7-8 over and over and over again when I was in the throes of PPD after the twins were born. God used that CD to help hold me together. So glad you’re giving them a shout-out.

  3. Kel Rohlf

    I love to feed on the word…word by word…one of my favorite companions to the Bible is my trusty dictionary…I love digging into the meanings of words


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