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When Life Gets Crazy { And The Encore Link-Up}

This weekend, things got a little crazy.

Saturday, there was this:

Husbands finger after an incident with an out of control, remote control plane, a couple of stitches later….

Then Sunday morning there was this:

The carpet in my boys room after the now infamous “swinging leaky-marker” event.
(not pictured, the blue marker on the celiling, curtains, clothing, bedding, etc)

A few other inasne moments occurred in the two short days of this weekend and so I have not been at my compute until now, nealry 1AM Monday and I wanted to schedule my Monthly Encore Link Up.

My Everything book series will continue next week, after I have hopefully caught my breath.

For now, by all means, give me something good to read to encourage my frazzled nerves. Share your best from last month, and encourage others who bravely share theirs!


  1. Oh my…ack! so sorry, girl…so sorry.

    P.S. I grew up in the carpet business… Let me know if you need some tips on what to try to get that out!!

    so thankful your husband’s hand wasn’t worse! ;(

  2. Wow Kris!! You TOTALLY topped my Monday Mayhem that I linked up above, sooo sorry to hear your weekend was crazy!! Praying for you & that God would wrap His peaceful arms around you & fill you with His peace & serenity….even if it’s for just a moment!

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry. Thankful your husband’s finger was not more serious. And I hope and pray you can get the blue stains out of the carpet. Praying for a more peaceful week!


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