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When You Forget That You Are The Best Mama

She pats me on the back while I’m hunched over my laptop. “You’re the best Mama, best mama”, she croons. Her sentiments are genuine but I feel myself physically bristle against her tender patting, and her sweet words of unexpected praise. It’s been a long week and I feel the full measure of my unworthiness–I hear on repeat in my head the tone I’ve taken too often this week, the one that hisses and stings. I smile weakly at her and shoo her off to go play for a few more minutes, because I’m not fully ready to face this day, or her incessant questions and needs–or any of the others for that matter. As I send her off, the guilt burns up my back and over my shoulder for how I reacted and how I feel, and for this desperate longing for quiet that cannot be satiated in this season.
Best mama


Some weeks motherhood feels like a too-long spin in the dryer, with all of everything shaken up and a bit fried by Friday. I’m hungry for long walks on the beach and afternoon naps that come when the desire hits, and not when they are scheduled. I feel overwhelmed by the reality of things that breakdown and dishes continually cycling through the sink, by laundry that overflows and a floor that s never clean enough. …

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2 thoughts on “When You Forget That You Are The Best Mama

  1. Loved this one, Kris. It hit me right where I am–that place of sometimes wishing for a nap or writing time whenever I want it thank you very much and feeling like a Bad Mother. Thank you for the reminder that God speaks to me through my children’s affirmations, however unworthy of them I feel myself to be. So grateful for your honest words here.

    1. I’m so thankful this encouraged you, Kimberlee. I know how hard it can be to feel the weight of those affirmations, but we must, eh? God’s love will be revealed through the unexpected sources of our children and strangers alike. Believe it. You are the best Mama.


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