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When You Need Help Making A Decision

I know you probably don’t want to look at that page. I have to warn you, it might break your heart a little–or a lot.

The first time I made the decision was in person. I didn’t have the advantage of clicking away, or closing the browser. At church, when their faces confronted me in the narthex it was the personal invitation God had been preparing me to receive.

I couldn’t say no.

I was ready to say, yes

Can I be honest with you for a minute? It took nearly two years from the time I first really started to follow Compassion until the time we decided to sponsor a child. There’s a natural emotional response that happens to most people when you view images of people (children in particular) suffering under the weight of poverty. You’re likely going to do one of two things:

  • sympathize but remain emotionally detached from the situation
  • or, you’re going to figure out a way to get involved.

For years, my response was the first. I felt bad about it, and it was heartbreaking, but that’s where my commitment stopped. I was only willing to feel sorry for them, not help them.

But I saw the pictures from Mathare a few seasons back when Ryan went with Compassion on a blogging trip. I watched the video clips, and it tore me apart.

The thing is, once you know something, you’re responsible for what you do with that knowledge. <–Tweet worthy, don’t you think?

You can ignore it, file it away and pretend you never heard the truth.

Or you can act.

You might not be ready to act. That’s ok. I wasn’t either at first. It took another year before we finally made the decision.

What I’m asking is, that you just go take a look.  Pray over them. Pray that if this is the time for you to act, that God would prompt you. Pray that they would all find compassionate sponsors who want to love them and build a relationship with them–because that’s what this is about, really–relationship building.

It’s not just about the money, or the food, or the education. You knew that right?

This is about reaching your hands across the globe into some dirt floored shack and grabbing the hand of a child in need and squeezing it just enough to let them know you care–that you see them.

This is about writing encouragement and sealing it with prayer and waiting the three (sometimes more) months to hear back from your child. Because that child is taping your letters to their wall. That child is reading  your words again and again and God can use you to be his face on earth, to be his hands and feet and heart for a child who lives each day on the edge.

Just go look, eh?




And if you can’t make a decision about which one–I’ll tell you what I told my friend, “They all need a sponsor, so anyone you choose will be right”.


September is Blog Month at Compassion. This post is part of a weekly series through the month of September. As an Advocate for Compassion International, it is my hope and prayer that you’ll join me in sharing the mission of Compassion which is, to set children free from poverty In Jesus’ name.The goal this month is to have 3108 children sponsored. Isn’t that exciting?

If you have any questions regarding child Sponsorship or Compassion International, feel free to email me or drop me a note in the comments section of this post.


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  1. Yay! You are blogging for Compassion! What an incredible ministry. And your a great voice for real compassion, in Jesus’ name. One of the children we sponsor came to us through Compassion. The organization is so good at helping us stay in contact with our child. We sponsor other children through smaller organizations, and it amazes me how well Compassion — quite a large organization — manages to help us stay connected with our sponsored children. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Jennifer, I am constantly amazed at how well Compassion runs. They truly are a beautiful example of how a large ministry can be effective by focusing their efforts and practicing good stuwardship of the gifts God provides. Love hearing that you’re a sponosr too! Yay! THank you for stopping by today. You bless me.

    1. Rachel, you always encourage me so much! Thank yu for that! And yes, the letter writing! We will be doing a couple of letters on Friday during our schooling, the kids get to make a flat craft and practice their writing! Score! 😉

  2. Julie Reynolds

    It took me a little over a year to adopt my Eli, in fact I had considered it many times but always found a reason to say no.. and then it happened. The Compassions bloggers went to Ecuador and I could not sit by and do nothing any longer. To say that I am blessed by sponsoring is an understatement! Thanks Kris for sharing this, it was a great reminder for me to share again on my FB page!

    1. Julie, I know just what you mean. So thankful you were able to sponsor and become involved. It is so worth any sacrifice we have to give up to support these precious children. It makes a REAL difference for all involved! What a blessing! 😉 thank you for sharing this post. You bless me constantly!

  3. Joanne Norton

    My Ugandan daughter was cared for by Compassion for a number of years… long before I met her … and then was put through college by them. For several years, she worked for them out in the Bush. She had to stop less than a year ago… migraines and so much work she just couldn’t keep doing it. But, if Compassion had not been part of her life she would have have no schooling of any kind and no care that she needed. We actually sponsor one of her adopted daughters through the orphanage where she and my Ugandan son work. I sure understand the blessing…on both sides… from sponsorship. Pleased for you and your dear one.

    1. Oh my, Joanne! What a story you have. It’s beautiful to see the way Compassion has helped your Ugandan children, and the way knowing them has encouraged you. There is nothing like that. Nothing! I ray someday I can travel and meet my Compassion kids. We’ll see what God has in store.


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