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While You’re Waiting

If it feels like I keep talking about waiting, it’s because I do. I keep talking about it because we are all waiting for something, and when the wait grows too long according to our expectations, we risk giving up, we risk losing hope.

I’m waiting for something.

We all are.

Lessons are learned in our pauses. Egocentric as I am, I tend to think it’s all about me. But there’s another side of waiting that we sometimes overlook. Sometimes our waiting is for the benefit of others. Sometimes, God holds us in place because there’s more going on than we realize. Such was the case when Lazarus died.

I’m talking about waiting some more today, over at Sisters In Bloom. Join Me.

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  1. Jeff & Kim Barrett

    Hi Kris! I just HAD to check out your blog after reading your wonderful post over at Sisters In Bloom.  I am DEFINITELY joining you on your journey as I KNOW it will inspire me to keep going on mine 🙂 Blessings!

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Hi there, new friend! Ia m so thankful for your encouraging words and your willingness to come along this crazy journey with me! What a gift to have your company 😉 Thank you so much! God bless your weekend!


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