Refine Retreat

Wild Obedience

Wild Obedience

Things have been quieter here these weeks leading up to Refine. God is teaching me much about wild obedience and what it means to live by faith. I hope this post encourages you. I look forward to sharing more after the retreat. {This post contains affiliate links}

We’re less than 16 days from Refine {the retreat}. All of the pieces are falling into place in a manner that can only be explained as “God at work”.

Everything I’ve prayed for, He’s given. Things I didn’t know I needed–God has provided.

Funding, materials, support, encouragement–He’s given me all of it.

Saturday, I opened the door to find 2 bulging boxes on my porch. Manna from heaven.

Wild Obedience

When Michelle , one of the hosts of the Declare Conference, messaged me a couple of weeks ago, offering art supplies for our Art Journaling session at Refine, I cried.

Her unexpected generosity, yet another example of what the road to Refine has looked like.


Checks for support unexpectedly landing in my mailbox.

Tickets purchased by people not going, so that others can attend.

Friends of attendees sending money to help support the cost of their friend’s journey to Refine.

For the past 11 months, I’ve seen God move over and in the preparations for this event. He has enlarged my faith. He has proven without question that this retreat matters to Him.


One of the most beautiful aspects of this journey has been the way my community (You) have supported this process. You’ve sent emails. You’ve voxed prayers. You’ve sent gifts, and cards, and Facebook messages–and I am undone.

In 16 days, we’re going to head into the woods and wait for God to speak. I don’t doubt that He will. He’s opened Every. Single. Door. He’s overcome every potential obstacle. He’s multiplied the impossible and made it enough–even more so, actually.

Freeset Bag

This is a testimony of grace. This is merely one moment of a journey after Jesus. I still don’t entirely know where we’re going. But I know that I will go–wherever He leads me. Because there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than in obedience.

Wild Obedience. 



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      1. Amy Hunt

        yes to this. It’s been faith widening for me, just to see how it’s all unfurled . . . including your own journey to accepting and trusting.

  1. Holly Solomon Barrett

    Oh, Kris, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your journey of obedience with us, and in turn encouraging us to step out in wild obedience too!

  2. I saw your name on the Imperfect Prose link up and had to click.
    I am reading your book right now for Lent. I am really savoring each line. Your restless story reminds me so much of my story, which isn’t that surprising since all His children struggle pretty much with the same sins. You refinement retreat in the woods sounds like a beautiful holy encounter just waiting to happen. Love to hear your testimonies of God amazing you and blessing you.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment here, Leah. I am so grateful for your kind words. And I love that you said you can relate to my story, because I have said all along, that it never really felt like *just* my story. I believe that it is in many ways, everyone’s story because we all struggle. Anyway, thanks for sharing that, and thank you for your support. It humbles and blesses me greatly.

  3. Lori Sammartino

    Bless you and your upcoming retreat. I only wish I’d found you sooner so I could attend and be even more encouraged, inspired, and empowered by what you’re doing than I am now! So glad I stumbled across your site thanks to the practice of art journaling thru Lent. I’m a Pittsburgh gal and would have loved to join you so close to home. It’s wonderful to read how the Lord has blessed you in your preparations. Thank you, thank you, for sharing! Much needed to hear!

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