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Words To Live By

Words To Live By

It hangs over my kitchen, a bold banner of truth, a proclamation of our status as friends of Christ. Sometimes, it’s a bit ironic, that the word “redeemed” hangs large above the entrance to my small kitchen. Even this insignificant space is found worthy here.

In all of the various rooms we’ve hung words on the walls. Some rooms bear more words than photographs. Otherwise, we have an array of a melding of the two. Words matter, how well I know this to be true.


While it’s Redeemed that hangs over the kitchen doorway, the word Grace dangles above the recliner where I’ve rocked my babies from just days postpartum, until even now, with their long legs and arms all a tangle around me. The dining room wall remind us to seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly and above my art table, I am reminded that waiting on the Lord is where strength is found.

In front of me, here behind my laptop I stare at a wall with words in frames, and hung at eye level–reminders to LIVE this moment, and to embrace holiness. One framed print boasts, “Writer” while another urges me to step out of my comfort zone for the sake of the Gospel. All of these good, needed words staring over me as I work, reminding me of who I am , and why I write.


The Word became flesh–words have power. Words start revolutions, and inspire movements. Words are important to God, and important to us.

It matters, what we say, what we read, what is said to us. These things shape our hearts and minds.

And so I am always happy to hang another inspiring word up as a reminder to myself, to my children, and to guests who enter here, that we are people under grace, we are redeemed and chosen and we are thankful. I chose the word, “eucharisteo” to add to my growing collection of inspiring words.


letterblock 1


When I saw these (new!!) Letter blocks from my friends at (in)Courage I knew I needed to share them with you. So many of you love words the way I do. You know the value that a good word can have, you know how a loving word can brighten a day, inspire hope and change a life.

Grace, redeemed, mercy, holy, alive, still–these are just a few of the words surrounding me here. What words do you need to encourage you? What word would you choose? Build your word here.


Words Matter


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  1. I love word art! I recently read something about how the things on our walls {art, photographs etc} impact our children and their direction in life, made me feel more deeply the importance to have His words surrounding us.

  2. The word above my kitchen sink is faith. We spent many years looking for this home and it reminds me, God is faithful. It also encourages me to keep the faith. A dream of mine is to create a prayer corner. I have a prayer shawl from Israel I’d like to drape over a prayer bench. And above that, the word Sabbath.


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