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Work In Progress

Work In Progress

On October 18th, my 2nd book, Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting releases!! For the next few weeks I have invited the members of my “street team”  to share their stories and reflections on the book, the topic of waiting, and Advent. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the FREE download of the first 5 days of Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight Of Waiting. 


 I know I can get wrapped up in the to do’s, become easily distracted, and loose sight of the importance of the meaning of the Christmas season. Instead, I want to keep the main thing-the main thing, and not feel the waiting down of the to do’s. Instead enjoy the season, in its true holiness. One way for me to do that is to partake in participating in Advent.

Kris describes Advent  as a time spent in waiting for something or someone~Jesus. However we people are not very good at waiting–well at least I am not. I may be one of the most impatient people, though I am slowly getting better at it. Kris says,

“We are a people uncomfortable with and unaccustomed to waiting. Waiting requires a measure of discipline; it demands patience, and if we will lean into that space, waiting teaches us something of our own sanctification.”

To do this, we need to do discipline ourselves to slow down, to whisper Come, Lord Jesus. This book is a wonderful tool to help you do just this. Slow down, take note, deepen your faith, and welcome Christ into your everyday living.


Reflecting back on my struggles with waiting, I can now see how God was working, and if only then I would have just trusted totally and rested in the waiting, how much more peaceful those times would have been, instead I let that feeling of anxiety overwhelm me.

Probably one of the hardest waiting periods is my life was waiting to get pregnant, it wasn’t until I let it go completely and trusted God, that I was blessed with our first daughter. That was almost a three year wait. Then there have been many seasons since then, when our family has been waiting to see if and when we would have to move, due to my husband’s job.


My husband works for the railroad and many times we had to move from one area to another to be closer to a terminal, where he would be moved to work. There were many times, we could see it coming, but yet would have to wait to know when it would happen, sometimes it happened quickly, other times very slowly. During those seasons, I would get caught up in the worrying about where we were going lo live, how long would it be, and what do I need to do to prepare? I would become so stressed, instead of enjoying the present.


If you have ever struggled with waiting or the season of Christmas overwhelms you, I would encourage you to read Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting. Each day offers a scripture reading, along with a devotional, a written prayer and question for reflection in the waiting.

You would think I have this waiting down by now. I am still a work in progress, but because I have lived seasons like this and because of God’s promises, I remember what it was like, I remember truth, so that instead of getting anxious, stressed in the waiting, I can rest and know that Jesus is here with me.



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Jennie Woelpern is a Railroad wife and homeschooling stay at home mom to two blessed children! I’m Minnesota raised, lived in Texas and Kentucky, Tennessee is home! I’m a Jesus girl, learning, serving, and encouraging others about God’s truth. I have a slight obsession with books. I started this blog to keep long distance family/friends up-to-date on birth of our first child and since then it has become much more. Hubby, Ryan is an Engineer for the CN Railroad. We both are enjoying the journey of life! #journeyofFaith


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