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Worship While Working

Worship While Working

When my children were babies, we embraced routine like oxygen. We needed it to function. Each of my four took regular naps at the same time every day, and when they grew out of napping, rather than readjusting our day, we maintained this space and re-named it quiet time. I’ve gotten all kinds of comments from people over the years, some shocked and amazed at this system we have procured, while others have thought my particular sensitivity with which I protect this whitespace in our day to be ridged. This time in my day has evolved and now, is often a break in my day for worship.

Habits That Work

I am grateful that despite the occasional sideways stares from people who know our habit, I have maintained it with a gentle steadfastness.  Now that I work from home, this pocket of time in the day has become ever more critical to providing me with an opportunity for rest and renewal.

Working from home presents a mixed array of challenges and conveniences—even breaks must be scheduled or else the hours fill with activities. This slated pause, this habit, is my sanity-saver.

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