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Writing As An Act Of Worship

Writing As An Act Of Worship

Writing As An Act Of Worship

The other day I spoke with my friend Kate about sharing my experience of self-publishing with you, and she asked me what worked well, and what was perhaps harder than I anticipated—she asked me if I saw self-publishing as a spiritual journey and I’ve thought hard about how to fairly answer these questions for you. The truth is that the only reason I self-published anything is because when you come off of a year where your one word is “obedience” and God nudges you to do something, saying “no” isn’t a good answer.

Writing for me is a passion, but it is also an act of worship, and a response of obedience. Self-publishing is part of what that has looked like for me. It wasn’t only a spiritual journey, but a wild, white-knuckle ride from start to finish. I’m not much for roller coasters, but I am wild about Jesus and have learned that it’s always better to be where He is than off doing my own thing.

My self-publishing story doesn’t fit in writing circles where chart-topping and bestseller status are the highest goals. But God has used the process to deepen my relationship with Him, to set me into communities with others who needed the words He asked me to share, and it has afforded me an intimacy with readers that has allowed me the privilege of ministering to them, and receiving their stories as well.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story, Kris. I cannot even express how much I appreciate your willingness to share your journey. It’s easy to think that, if we write, God has the same story in mind for all of us. I know this to be so untrue now and lean into obedience every single day – even when it looks so much different than the next writer. (And even when it’s painfully difficult)

    If there is anything I take from your words more than anything else it is to KEEP leaning.


    1. Kris Camealy Author


      oh yes–keep leaning. Our journey’s are as individual as we are, and God has His own method and means to bring us into the places he has specifically set for us. Leaning with you, and eagerly anticipating our time at Refine in March. Xo

  2. I left you a note on Kate’s blog but wanted to stop by here too, Kris. Thanks a million for being open. This has touched me deeply and it comes at just the right time. Praying for you in your journey.


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