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You Already Have A Ministry

Bent over sifting through the laundry I hear Him inside my chest. He answers clearly with a truth I had forgotten.  Lost in pursuit, I completely missed what was right in front of my face–right here in my hands.

“You already have a ministry” He whispered.

Chills ran up my arms, plunged deep in the piles of filthy towels and grass stained socks. How on earth had I missed this?

I’ve spent too many hours looking for another place to serve–another way to be more for Him, to do the next thing and currently I already juggle at least four ministries.

First, I am a mom. Four little souls wake up each day hungry for the feeding. I have the opportunity each day to point them to the cross, to get low with them and teach them how to live life on their knees–even as I am still learning myself.

Motherhood is a ministry. Motherhood serves the highest function in society, though the world will tell us otherwise.

If this were my only ministry, it would be more than enough. But it isn’t. Gently, God brings forward the names and places I serve, beyond these four walls, here, with my words, at church in the nursery and coordinating MOPS, as an Advocate for Compassion and I am stunned at the ridiculous obviousness of each of these and yet I had forsaken them all in blind pursuit of more

The enemy has perfected the art of telling us that all we have isn’t enough. The temptation for more has been around since Eve stumbled and sought more than pure communion with God.

God knew where I was. He knew the deceptions I believed as my heart turned a blind corner on the various places He has graciously allowed me to serve.

He calls me gently back as I serve my family, washing the clothes, cooking the meals, changing the diapers and ironing the endless mounds of clothes we are blessed to posess. I shake my head at how I came this close to forsaking what fills my arms for the romanticized idea of serving somewhere else, for perhaps more notiriety. I shudder at the thought.

I have a ministry. He reminded me, ” You have a ministry. Serve where you are” .

So today, the day after Mothers Day, I re-comit to serve Him more fully, not asking for more, but rather thanking Him for the abundance gifted to me, even though I don’t deserve it.

Counting on, beyond my 1000 Gifts:

2001. A morning at the farm with the kids, and friends.

2002. Sunshine nearly all week

2003. Sprouts in the garden, rain at just the right times

2004. Lots of time with friends last week, joy for me and my children

2005. Husband who spoils and blesses me, always making me feel treasured

2006. Handmade Mothers Day Cards from the kids, little paper treasure

2007. A day spent in Pajamas. Too rare anymore.

2008. Sharing dreams with friends

2009. The long wait for you Lord to answer. Learning continually to be patient.

2010. The hard, humbling season. That you walk with me through it.


Thank you, to those of you who have sent in guest posts, I am looking forward to sharing your words here, and if you havent yet, there’s still time!

And in case you’re wondering, the hanging plants are still alive–for now. 😉


Joining the community of friends and Ann in giving thanks for all things. Won’t you join in the praise?

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0 thoughts on “You Already Have A Ministry

  1. Yes! Have you read The Missional Mom by Helen Lee? It’s on my to-read list but sounds like what you’re talking about.

    Love MOPS! Was thisclose to going to convention this year too.

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Hi Joyce! I have NOT read that book… must add it to my list…. I have also never been to a MOPS convention, thoug this is my first year coordinating. Perhaps one day I will make it 😉 Allume is my *big* conference this year. Are you going to be there?

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Yes, Amy, I am stunned at how quickly I forsake the good gifts He has so graciously laid in my lap. How foolish and rediculous I can be…. Grace to you, looking forward to our chat 😉

  2. Oh Kris! This, THIS has SO been on the forefront of my mind too…and I’m realizing I must say no to some things that are good, to save myself for the things only I am uniquely gifted and passionate for…the things no one else can do but me! So hard, I’m with ya…

  3. Joy

    Amen sista!! I couldn’t agree more! In fact, I have these words written in my journal when I am tempted to take on more. 🙂

    1. alwaysalleluia

      Ahh, Joy. What grace it is to see your sweet face in my comment box! I KNOW you get this. Prayers for you and your family this evening, God bless you!

  4. r.elliott

    oh…yes…You live in the mission field…a full time missionary…the enemy tries to pull us out beyond where God has us…trying to convince us we are not enough…(i feel a little funny saying this…but my post today speaks to younger moms)…Kris…great words here and blessings as you serve your God right where you are:)

    1. alwaysalleluia

      I will have to go read your words, I am sure there’s a nugget or several there for me to chew on 😉 You are such a sweet encourager!! Thank you, my friend. Truly.

  5. Oh my… the pesky devil is a liar! If he cannot stop us from doing what we are doing, he try and hinder us by tempting us to take on more than we can handle. We cannot do everything and do anything well…

    For me the struggle has been, that is it not enough and somehow not pleasing to God… but I am learning more and more of the gravity of the loss their would be if I neglected my first calling as wife and mama…

    It has been a long hard road for me… and woman like you are still helping me be established in my call…

    Thank you for this…dear friend.


    Beautiful post, beautiful truth, wonderful blog. I came over from Ann’s and I am glad that I did. I want to come back.

  7. AshlieWrites

    This both speaks to and echoes in my own heart, sweet friend. Sometimes I SO miss the forest for the trees! I get too ambitious and miss His ambitions – the ones He’s blessed me with in these walls of my own home…in my sphere of influence. Love this reminder – I need it often. love your heart that is always sensitive to His voice! xoxo

  8. I’m so far behind in commenting — you know the week I’ve had! — and yet I think I’m reading your beautiful words at *exactly* the right time. So often I long to do more, be more, go more, when my most important ministry tugs at my pant leg and begs to be held. Thank you, dearest friend, for always drawing me closer to Him and closer to the things that truly matter. Lots of tears over this one today, and it’s all good.

    Love you so. XOXO

  9. Oh, friend. Thank you for these true words. I come back all the time to that Jim Elliot quote, “Wherever you are, be all there.” Thanks for this beautiful reminder. And you know how I have an affinity for pictures of laundry piles. I might have to pin that baby. 😉


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