You Can Do This

I’ve spent the better half of this morning cleaning up the school room, reminding myself, “you can do this”, as I have grown weary of the unending task at hand. This is where we set up our Christmas tree each year, but when we do that, the room loses a bit of it’s function.

Christmas decor still litters the dining room table, and there are ornament boxes waiting to be hauled back down to the basement. The Nativity still graces my entry table, and I’m starting to think I should leave it there–why is is we haul it out only during Advent, anyway?
Messy Beautiful

The other night I posted this image on Instagram, and counted the mess as gift because when I stop counting the crazy things, the things that look like something other than a gift, I get downright black in my heart for the goodness of God. I lose hope, is what I’m saying.

We already feel the guilt of our resolution mishaps, the seconds of dinner we swore off on the eve of December 31. Quietly, we’re wondering how we’re going to keep going, when we haven’t come as far as we’d hoped by now.

But it’s a new year, and it’s only the first full week of the new year, at that. It’s too early to peter out. We can do this–

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