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When You’ve Wanted The Wrong Things

When You’ve Wanted The Wrong Things


I thought after writing my book it would be easier to talk about how God broke through my hard heart and realigned my spirit with His. But this particular season is an uncomfortable one, with a myriad of growing aches and pains. Shadow boxing is exhausting, in case you’ve never gone rounds with the demons of your past.

Pride is a relentless beast–the original sin, as the Word reveals. I’ve had to repeatedly acknowledge the way I have wanted all the wrong things.

This summer I read Jen Pollock Michel’s book, Teach Us To Want. I tore through her book in just 3 days and I emailed her this morning to tell her how certain words in a certain chapter have been echoing around in my head still. I know she understands.

She has generously invited me to share my own story of Want in her space, and I have to admit, I felt nauseous when I re-read my own words this morning. It’s not an easy story to tell. Most redemption stories have unsightly beginnings. So I tell it not because I’m proud of where I’ve been, but because I am grateful for where God has taken me, and is taking me still.

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